Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Serif PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio 13.10

PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio – The professional digital image editing solution. Whether you’re quickly resizing holiday snaps, removing flaws from portraits, adjusting exposure and colour levels, restoring old images, importing Photoshop® documents, layering and masking professional artwork, or transforming photos with unique effects and artistic styles, PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio has everything you need to achieve the highest quality results – fast. PhotoPlus X3 brings you more easy-to-use control of your photo edits, more professional-level power, and more stunning creativity! Your photo improvement and creative images will soar to new heights with PhotoPlus X3’s unique combination of usable features and high-end digital darkroom power!

» Fix red-eye, crop, straighten and adjust your favourite portraits
» Improve balance, adjust brightness, contrast and more
» Create stylised greyscale shots and crisp black and white logos
» Remove blemishes, spots, marks, or scars
» Fix red-eye, brighten eyes and whiten teeth
» Smooth away wrinkles and laughter lines
» Resize using pixel measurements or desired print dimensions
» Nearest pixel, bilinear, bicubic and Lanczos3 methods available
» Correct black, white, and different colour levels for quality results
» Paint away damaged areas with simple and smart healing brushes
» Manually tweak images with smart dodge and burn tools
» Advanced adjustments include levels and curves controls
» Paint with sharpen, blur, smudge, dodge and burn brushes
» One-click fixes for fast correction with AutoContrast and AutoLevels
» Restrict brightness adjustments to a narrow range of tones
» Dedicated correction for balancing under and overexposed regions
» Create works of art in an instant with artistic styles presets
» Adjust settings to fine tune the look of your artwork
» Save your favourite settings as presets for future use
» Add Special Effects
» Paint with Artistic Brushes
» Draw Shapes and Text
» Open, edit, and save Animated GIF files, with image optimisation
» Clone frames and set durations for cool stop-frame animations
» Add amazing effects with smooth motion created automatically
» Use different images or add text to frames for animated web graphics
» Organise images into albums to enjoy time and time again
» Tag images to categorise them just the way you want
» View images by date, keyword, and at different sizes
» Print and Share images
» Make Movie Slideshows
» Open, edit and export Photoshop PSD images
» Use compatible Photoshop special effects plug-ins
» Edit popular file types in perfect quality such as lossless JPG
» Open Raw files from over 300 digital camera models
» Fully customizable Interface

Key new features and benefits:
» Raw image processing – process and fix Raw images from digital cameras at the highest quality using the Raw Photo Studio
» High Dynamic Range imaging – combine shots with different exposures for stunning HDR photos
» High Colour Images – work with 48-bit colour photos for the highest quality results
» Quick and easy image correction and enhancement with the addition of more Studios
» New effects such as realistic metal and glass effects add subtle reflections to create eye-catching special effects
» Microsoft HD Photo support – open and save in this new format which offers significantly better compression efficiency

Size : 432 MB

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