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ParetoLogic RegCure 2.1

RegCure™ (from ParetoLogic®) provides fast and efficient scanning and cleaning of your registry so that your computer can run at an optimal level of performance. RegCure identifies invalid registry items and you decide what items you want to remove. After removing registry entries, you have the option to restore your computer to a previous state. Protect your investment and ensure maximum PC speed and performance with RegCure registry cleaner. Compatible with all Microsoft products and third party applications, RegCure seeks out and repairs those issues in your registry that lead to poor performance such as remnants left behind on your registry from failed installations, incomplete un-installations, disabled drivers, and spyware applications. RegCure enables you to fix your PC's windows registry in the way that is most comfortable for you. Clean your registry manually according to your own specifications or perform a thorough scan and clean it automatically! The user-friendly interface allows you to monitor the progress of your scan, schedule RegCure to scan at the times that are best for you and will even manage and clean up your start up programs for you if you wish.

RegCure cleans and optimizes your Windows Registry:

- com/ActiveX
- uninstall Entries
- Font Entries
- Shared DLLs
- Application Paths
- Help Files Information
- Windows Startup Items
- File/Path References
- Program Shortcuts
- Empty Registry Keys
- Shell Extensions
- Custom scans
- Automatic scanning with the scheduling tool
- Selection and removal
- Ignore list
- Automatic repair
- Backup and restore
- Startup management

RegCure offers the following features and benefits:

* Custom scans: you can customize how RegCure scans your registry by selecting only the items you want to be scanned. There is a list of registry items that you can check or clear during step 1 of the scanning process.
* Automatic scanning with the scheduling tool: with RegCure you can create schedules so that a registry scan is done automatically. Using the schedule feature you can set more than one schedule to run daily, weekly, monthly, at system startup, and more.
* Selection and removal: You can choose which items RegCure has detected after it completes the registry scan. In step 3 of the process, you can clear the items that you do not want removed.
* Ignore list: RegCure offers you the ability to ignore items that have been detected after the registry is scanned. In this way these items will be ignored for subsequent scans. There is an Ignore list that you can manage should you want to have these items scanned and removed in the future.
* Automatic repair: RegCure offers you the ability to perform an automatic repair of detected items after a scan. You can configure the settings so that a repair of detected items occurs after each scan.
* Backup and restore: An automatic backup is created every time you use RegCure. You can restore the items that were removed.
* Startup management: RegCure offers quick and easy access to all the programs that are launched when you start your computer. You can enable and disable applications in the Manage Startup list.

Warning: Making changes to the registry can cause irreversible damage. You need to proceed cautiously and be certain of what you are doing.

Size: 14 MB






Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended Multilingual

Creating a professional work and exchange of virtually any user regardless of location. Combining a wide range of content including documents, spreadsheets, email, images, video, 3D-graphics and maps in one concise and structured portfolio PDF. Collaborate with reviewing the documents to which granted total access. Creating interactive forms and rapid collection of data. Protection and control of valuable information. Advanced features Acrobat software for users of Adobe Reader.

Content on 01.01.2010:
* Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended Multilingual

Program Name: Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended
Program Version:
Language: Multilingual
Tablet: Is present

System requirements:
* CPU with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz and above;
* Microsoft Windows XP Home, Professional or Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 2 or 3 (32-bit or 64-bit); Windows Server 2003 (with Service Pack 2 for 64-bit) or Windows Vista Home Basic , Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (32-bit or 64-bit versions) or without it;
* Internet Explorer 6.0;
* 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended);
* 2.13 GB of free hard disk space;
* Monitor with screen resolution of 1024x768;
* Drive DVD-ROM;
* Video hardware acceleration (optional).

Create interactive, multimedia presentations operational
Use Adobe Presenter, included in the software package Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, to revive the slides Microsoft PowerPoint. Add video, voice comments, demos and interactive questions to keep the audience's attention and reinforce the assimilation of the material. Save the presentation in the form of PDF, so that it can be viewed at any convenient time.

Merged very broad range content
Combine documents, drawings, emails and spreadsheets, as well as multimedia components, including video, audio, 3D-graphics and maps-into one portfolio compressed PDF. Choose one of the many professional templates for rapid integration of content, navigation refinement, insert brand symbols and refining portfolio PDF.

Simple exchange video files in PDF
Integrated support for Flash ® technology provides a reliable cross-sharing videos, animations and applications in Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Convert various video formats for playback in FLV PDF files without additional multimedia player.

Creation of electronic forms and management
Converting Microsoft Word documents and Excel or scanned documents in PDF format with automatic recognition filled fields. Using applications Adobe LiveCycle ® Designer ES - a professional tool for creating forms, part of the package 9 Acrobat Pro Extended,, for the creation, configuration and automation of dynamic forms of XML. Inspector forms for viewing the date of filling forms and the author of forms. Simple export data in a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting, either in the database.

Protecting valuable information
Control access to PDF documents and their use, the appointment of digital rights and preserve the integrity of documents. Set permissions for documents that define the ability to print and edit the file. Use passwords to restrict access to documents. Using the editing tools for the reliable removal of classified information. Digital signature and certification documents to verify the reliability of the source from which they came. Creation and use of security policies of documents that can be easily applied to new files PDF.

New features and improvements
* Create interactive, operational presentation applications using Adobe Presenter;
* Combine multiple files in one portfolio PDF;
* Use professional portfolio templates for PDF;
* Convert video to FLV format for viewing in the PDF;
* Use support 3D-graphics and interactive maps PDF.

Enable users of Adobe Reader
Ability to users of free Adobe Reader software to put documents on a digital signature to participate in reviewing the general documents, and save forms locally (requires Adobe Reader 8.0 or later.). Enhanced functionality for users of Acrobat Reader allows you to invite any user to work on business process, initiated by you.

Protecting documents
Use passwords to control access to documents PDF. Use permissions to set restrictions on printing, copying or modification. Save passwords and permissions as security strategy, which can be easily applied to new files PDF.

Save removal of classified information
Use the correct tools to remove the confidential text, images or other data, thus removing the contents of a PDF document without the possibility of recovery. Before you send PDF documents to other users check the documents for metadata, hidden layers and other concealed information, which must be removed.

Providing access to project materials of almost any
Virtually convert any two-and three-dimensional images, including layers, dimensions, and metadata-into one PDF file for more simple and reliable data about the product.

Manage with reviews of documents and tracking their
Get the necessary data through an interactive review of documents, allowing participants to see the comments of other participants, which can be sorted by author, date or page. Use the Inspector forms for tracking progress and taking part in it.

Synchronize display documents
Make sure that the colleagues, customers and partners to simultaneously view the same page in the document, as well as use the opportunity to co-navigate documents. In order to achieve clarity and enhance discussion, the participants send a document via e-mail and work through it, showing all the necessary options simultaneously.

Comparing PDF documents
Automatically distinguishes between two versions of a PDF-document, including text and images that allows the user to easily and quickly identify changes.

View and use of PDF maps
Search, measure and mark on maps with mapping register is PDF. By moving the cursor to any point of the displayed latitude and longitude location.

Package Adobe Acrobat Professional Extended includes:
* Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES;
* Adobe Presenter;
* Adobe 3D Reviewer.

Size : 1258 MB

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Uploadbox part 1 | Uploadbox part 2 | Uploadbox part 3 | Uploadbox part 4 | Uploadbox part 5

Active@ Boot Disk Suite 5.0.5 (LiveCD)

Active@ Boot Disk is a complete and functioning computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB disk. You simply insert a boot disk into your computer, and reboot. While a live CD does not modify the operating system already installed on a computer's hard drive, it includes many tools to boot up a computer and fix most startup, PC configuration, and system management problems.

Active@ Boot Disk based on lightweight Windows VISTA (WinPE 2.1) operation environment and contains disk image, data recovery, password resetting, data erasure, network access tools and system utilities.

Active@ Boot Disk is a custom configured system.
Necessary drivers and scripts can be installed.
One may add an alternate language keyboard layout.

Active@ Boot Disk (Win Edition)
Active@ Boot Disk is a bootable CD that gives you a lightweight Windows VISTA (WinPE 2.1) environment with disk image, data recovery, password resetting, data erasure and network access tools.
The WinPE 2.1 Operating System runs entirely from Random Access Memory (RAM), enabling you to insert a second CD that contains drivers or software or can be used for CD/DVD burning.

Active@ Boot Disk comes with a collection of powerful utilities, giving you the confidence to repair failed systems:
Active@ Disk Image - Imaged-based data backup and restoration tool
Active@ File Recovery - Deleted data recovery software
Active@ Partition Recovery - Lost partition recovery software
Active@ Hex Editor - Tool for editing disk in a binary format
Active@ Password Changer - Windows password resetting tool
Active@ KillDisk - Secure data erasure and disk wiping software
PC Disk Partition Manager - Add, edit, delete, format and manage the partitions in your computer
Active@ CD/DVD Data Burner - CD/DVD burning software
Network operations utilities -
Map Network Drive
Remote Desktop Connection
Web browser
FTP Client
Telnet Client
Network Configuration Utility
System Utilities
Internet Utilities
Other Utilities
File Explorer
Task Manager
On-Fly Drivers Loader
Display Configuration Utility
Command Prompt shell

Requirements for Using Active@ Boot Disk (Win Edition)

To use Active@ Boot Disk, you must have the following:
Pentium II processor or higher
300MB or more RAM
A CD/DVD drive or a USB mass storage device to boot from

In addition to the above, you must be able to turn on power to the machine and you must have access to the system board BIOS setup.

Active@ Boot Disk (DOS Edition)
Active@ Boot Disk Professional combines six powerful tools that let you recover your lost data, reset Windows passwords, make computer system backups and securely erase data. Active@ Boot Disk is used from a bootable CD-ROM to start the PC.

Active@ Boot Disk (DOS Edition) contains the following products:
• Active@ UNERASER
• Active@ Partition Recovery
• Active@ KillDisk
• Active@ Disk Image
• Active@ NTFS Reader
• Active@ Password Changer

Requirements for Using Active@ Boot Disk (DOS Edition)

To use Active@ Boot Disk (DOS Edition), you must have the following computer hardware:
386 processor or higher
A CD/DVD drive
No RAM restrictions (4MB or more)

MD5: C4A2BCCE96B95E03778028E0FEBEA977
SHA-1: CFCAF1296CDD7A1659F0E490FBC83DBD5CC862F2
CRC32: 23E4C878

Size : 124 MB

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BS Player PRO 2.51 Build 1022 + Portable

World's most popular multimedia player! Ever since the very beginning in the year 2000, the BS.Player™ has been one of the world's most popular multimedia players. It is popular for many reasons, one however should be pointed out: BS.Player™ is the first player ever to enable its users to focus on watching the movie instead of dealing with poor computer capabilities or running around looking for a proper setting and codec.

BS.Player™ is a Windows ® player that plays back all kinds of all sort of media files ( avi / mpg / asf / wmv / wav / mp3...) and specialises in video and divx playback. It can also display subtitles. Also available are different skins for this player.

Main features of BS.Player are:
* Sound Equalizer
* Fully skinnable windows (Media list, Play list, Equalizer)
* Bookmarks support (add, edit)
* Chapters support (create, move to, skip)
* Custom aspect ratios
* Multiple audio stream switching
* Frame capture (video to picture)
* Plugin support (Winamp DSP plugins and others)
* Multilingual interface
* Fast forward and fast rewind option
* Frame stepping (playback video one frame at a time)
* WinLIRC support (user defineable remote controllers)
* Support switching between multiple (different language) subtitles
* Pan-scan and custom pan-scan option
* Support for multiple audio streams and switching between them
* Every action can also be assigned to WinLIRC button
* Playback of incomplete AVI files and locked files (files in use, files still downloading or recording)
* Command line support (for example "bsplayer.exe movie.avi -fs" will start playback of movie in full screen mode)
* Support a lot of subtitles formats (MicroDVD, SubRip, Subviewer...), custom subtitles position, color, font, transparency...
* BSI/INI files support and dynamic DirectShow filters loading (so everything can be burned on CD and played without installing anything)
* Almost every action can be assigned to user selected key (even two keys) and different keys can be assigned for full screen and windowed mode
* Support for all popular media formats (audio and video): divx, avi, mpeg 1, mpeg 2, xvid, 3ivx, ogm, matroska, asf, wmv, DV, m1v, m2v, Quicktime mov, mp4, mpv, QT, Real rm, SWF, vob, wav, mpa, mp1, mp2, mp3, ogg, aac, ac3, aif, ram, wma...

BS Player PRO 2.51 Build 1022

Size : 10 MB

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BS Player PRO 2.51 Build 1022 Portable

Size : 21 MB

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MindSoft Utilities XP 2009.25

Maintaining the optimum efficiency of your PC is not just our priority, but should be yours also. Mindsoft Utilities 2008 is designed entirely for that very same purpose. With 19 high performance utilities, MindSoft provides Windows XP users the unique opportunity to pinpoint problems plaguing their computers and take remedial measures by themselves. With this unique experience, Mindsoft Utilities XP provides help every step of the way. Mindsoft Utilities can be used by computer professionals as well as amateurs that have limited knowledge of these types of tools. The interface allows for easy navigation and high efficiency.

Mindsoft Utilities:

* MindSoft Defrag. Optimize your hard disks with this powerful defragmentation tool.
* MindSoft FreRAM. Increase your system performance by cleaning the content of your RAM.
* MindSoft Internet Optimizer. Boost and optimize the speed of your Internet connection with this program.
* MindSoft Maintenance. This program allows you to examine your system in search of problems, and to solve them.
* MindSoft Registry Cleaner. Safely scan and repair registry problems which are a cause of Windows errors and crashes.
* MindSoft Safe Registry. Backup the Registry and Restore it when Windows crashes.
* MindSoft Scandisk. Disk analysis and repair tool that checks your drives for errors and corrects any problems that it finds.
* MindSoft System Restore. Create restoration points making sure you will be able to go back when facing changes in your system.
* MindSoft CleanUp. CleanUp is an advanced hard disk cleaner able to erase useless files in a quick and useful way.
* MindSoft Uninstaller. Uninstaller is a tool created to help you maintain your installed programs.
* MindSoft Undelete. Undelete is an easy to use program that allows you recover deleted files from your hard drives.
* MindSoft Wipe. Erase files and folders in a definitive and secure way. You won?t be able to recover them.
* MindSoft Renamer. Batch rename your files in seconds with our powerful file renamer.
* MindSoft Shelter. Encrypt your files and folders to protect your most valuable information.
* MindSoft Split. Split any file into sections of any size and later reconstruct the sections to form the original file.
* MindSoft StarUp. Control which programs are starting automatically at Windows start up.
* MindSoft System Information. Check the exact elements your PC is made of, use the graphics to have complete control of your equipment.
* MindSoft Shutdown. Schedule hibernation, shut down, logoff, restart, etc. A simple program that will become a must for you.
* MindSoft 1-Click Optimization

• Optimization tools
Defrag your disks and RAM, speed up Internet. Search and solve problems.

• Fix and repair
Clean and backup your registry. Analyze your hard disk. Restore your system.

• Cleaning utilities
Clean your hard drives. Uninstall applications correctly in seconds.

• File utilities
Recover deleted files. Erase, rename and split files. Protect your data with our encryption tool.

• Useful utilities
Control your Windows start up. Deeply check your hardware. Schedule your PC shutdown.

Size : 14.9 MB

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Alien Skin Plugin Pack

SiZE: 579 MB
VERSiON: Complete Plug-ins Pack
UPDATED: December 2009
TYPE: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Plug-ins

The Photo Bundle contains the latest versions of Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Image Doctor, and Snap Art. It is a way to purchase all of these photography plug-ins for one low price. We did not include products like Eye Candy and Xenofex in the Photo Bundle because they are not just for photography and are aimed more at graphic design.

BUNDLE Description:
The Photo Bundle gives you all five of our award-winning photography plug-ins: Blow Up, Bokeh, Exposure, Image Doctor, and Snap Art. Each of these products enhances a professional workflow by improving image quality, saving time, and providing creative freedom. In combination, these products are even more effective. Of course, the sweetest enticement is the $500 savings you get over
buying these tools separately.

If you are not familiar with the beauty, simplicity, and power of these tools, then we have plenty to show you. The links below lead to videos, example images, case studies, and reviews. Take a look at the gorgeous results and see why reviewers love the PhotoBundle. If you already own some of these products, see our policies page for a further discount.

* Alien.Skin-Blow.Up.v2.0.3
* Alien.Skin-Bokeh.v1.0.2
* Alien.Skin-Exposure.v2.0
* Alien.Skin-Eye.Candy.v6.0.0
* Alien.Skin-Image.Doctor.v2.0.1
* Alien.Skin-Snap.Art.v2.0.2
* Alien.Skin-Xenofex.v2.1.2
* Alien.Skin-Xenofex.v2.1.2

* Video Tutorials for each Plug-in
* Example Images (where applicable)
* Manual
* Product Images
* Necessary Tools for Cracking
* Installation Instructions

* December 30th, 2009
* Most Up To Date Versions Available
* Screenshots Included for Verification

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Sharingmatrix part 1 | Sharingmatrix part 2 | Sharingmatrix part 3

Adobe Flex Builder Professional 3.0.2

Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard software is a productive Eclipse based development tool for creating rich Internet applications for Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR, enabling intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual layout and design of the user interface.

Flex is a free, open source framework for building highly interactive, expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops and operating systems. It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns. MXML, a declarative XML-based language, is used to describe UI layout and behaviors, and ActionScript 3, a powerful OO programming language is used to create client logic. Flex also includes a rich component library with over 100 proven, extensible UI components for creating RIAs, as well as an interactive Flex application debugger.

Rich Internet applications created with Flex can run in the browser using the ubiquitous Adobe Flash? Player software or on the desktop on Adobe AIR. This enables Flex applications to run consistently across all major browsers and across operating systems on the desktop. And using Adobe AIR, the cross-operating system runtime, Flex applications can now access local data and system resources on the desktop.

You can accelerate application development with Adobe Flex Builder 3, a highly productive, Eclipse? based development environment, and Adobe Live Cycle Data Services ES, a set of advanced data services that can be used in Flex development. Both of these products are available for purchase.

Size : 438 MB

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PGP Desktop Professional 10.0.0

PGP Desktop Professional - provides comprehensive security for individual desktops, making it possible for organizations to protect sensitive information for a single person without changing the existing IT infrastructure or disrupting work processes. This award-winning, easy-to-use solution encrypts email, files, virtual volumes, and entire disks from a single desktop application.

Together, these two components provide ironclad security for an individual's confidential information no matter where it is located—stored on a computer, at every point in transit through e-mail, or on a recipient's desktop.

PGP Desktop Professional - includes support for PGPmail, PGPdisk, PGP Zip and the personal e-mail plugins — Eudora, ICQ, Outlook Express, and Outlook.
Six solutions to protect your identity and privacy: - PGP Whole Disk secures your entire system. - PGP Virtual Disk secures files, folders, USB drives, and CD's. - PGP Mail automatically encrypts and digitally signs your email and attach-ments. - PGP Secure Messenger protects your AOL IM sessions. - PGP Zip automatically compresses and encrypts messages, attachments, and files. - PGP Shred provides permanent and unreadable file deletion.

Easy, automatic operation Protects sensitive email without changing the user experience or email application.
Enforced security policies Automatically enforce email and data protection with centrally managed policies.
Accelerated deployment Achieves endto-end email encryption using the existing infrastructure.
Reduced operation costs Result from centrally automating email encryption policies.
• Additional platform support. PGP Desktop is now available for Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit.
• Feature deployment control. Administrators can now enforce policy by providing end users only with authorized client features, enabling or disabling client capabilities before distributing PGP client software to end-users.
Disabled features are then unavailable in the PGP Desktop user interface.
• Intel AMT support. PGP Desktop supports Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) Agent Presence on those computers with properly configured Intel AMT-equipped motherboards. PGP Desktop reports its current status via AMT to enable Enterprises to query configuration informa-tion even when a system is turned off.
• Updated key reconstruction user interface. The PGP Desktop Key Reconstruction user interface has been significantly improved in this release. Primary new features include the ability to select and customize a set of provided questions, a visually more appealing experience, and a new Assistant to help guide the user through the process.
• Local key reconstruction. Standalone installations of PGP Desktop support Local Key Reconstruction. The Key Reconstruction Assistant saves Key Reconstruction information in a file that can be used later to reconstruct the user key.
• PGP Log message filtering. The PGP Log feature of PGP Desktop now provides a menu option to filter local log messages by topic to facilitate troubleshooting (for example, displaying messages related only to Email, IM, NetShare, or WDE).
• Passphrase quality evaluation improvements. Passphrase quality evalua-tion has been significantly enhanced both visually and functionally in this release.

Size : 53 MB

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Nero BackItUp & Burn 1.2.17b

The Nero BackItUp & Burn application was developed to give you full control over the protection of your data. Your personal data, including memorable family photos, important financial documents, and music collections, is irreplaceable.
System crashes, hard drive failures, and malicious viruses can create havoc within your files and your digital life. Not to mention, data recovery is costly and time consuming. Nero has the solution!

System crashes, hard drive failures, and malicious viruses can create havoc within your files and your digital life. Not to mention, data recovery is costly and time consuming. Nero has the solution!

Nero BackItUp & Burn provides easy-to-use tools and state-of-the-art technology that let you back up files to your hard drive or to online storage. Schedule automatic backups, and receive e-mail notification once they’re done.

Burn music, videos, photos, and data to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs for safe keeping with Nero’s award-winning burning application. Sync files and folders and restore lost data from damaged or scratched media. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Nero BackItUp & Burn. Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you:
- Perform tasks quickly and intuitively in just a few steps
- Back up data to hard drive, CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card, and online storage
- Rely on automatic backups to local hard drives and online storage
- Schedule backup jobs with flexibility and convenient e-mail confirmation
- Burn discs with the world's most reliable burning application
- Create audio CDs, copy DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs
- Sync all your files and folders for easy access to the latest versions
- Recover data from deleted and damaged storage media
- Restore files, folders, drives, and entire systems

Here are some key features of "Nero BackItUp & Burn":

Back up all your music, videos, photos, and data with flexibility:
· Do you have a great MP3 collection? Got tons of family photos and videos saved on your hard drive? For all the time, effort, and memories you have invested on your hard drive, you wouldn’t want to lose your files to a virus or system crash, or accident. Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you back up files to an internal or external hard drive or to online storage with flexible options that suit you best. Receive e-mail notification when backup jobs are completed, and rest assured your digital investments are safe with Nero BackItUp & Burn.

Let Nero BackItUp & Burn do it for you:
· Working on a special project or paper? Protect your work with Nero BackItUp & Burn. Viruses and system crashes can happen at the most inopportune times against a project deadline. Nero BackItUp & Burn with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface lets you schedule backups to happen automatically without interrupting your work, so your latest files are always at hand, even if the unthinkable happens.

Burn to disc for extra security:
· Want to ensure extra protection for your files by burning them to disc? Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you burn files with the world’s most reliable burning application so you’re off and running in no time! Got a cool MP3 mix to take on the road? Burn your favorite files to all types of popular discs including CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc.

Burn with Blu-ray and save ever more data:
· Do you burn data to disc for safe keeping? Save even more data on Blu-ray Discs! Now you can back up even larger volumes of data on a single disc with Nero BackItUp & Burn as well as all your photo and video data files

Recover precious content quickly and easily:
· Have you taken the trip of a lifetime where you saw all the sights, enjoyed the local culture, and loved every minute of it? What if you had deleted all the memorable photos from your memory card only to find out you hadn’t backed them up on your PC beforehand? Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you recover deleted data quickly and efficiently with the best possible results.

Enjoy favorite songs once again:
· Do you have a special collection of favorite mp3s on CD? Are you still able to listen to them, or are they scratched from years of enjoyment? Now you can recover songs easily and conveniently with Nero BackItUp & Burn!

Restore your files after a crash or virus:
· You bought a new PC or a laptop that’s been working just fine for the past couple of years. But suddenly, the worst has happened? A virus! A system or hard drive crash! Now everything you’ve worked on and saved for the last two years is gone. Nero BackItUp & Burn lets you easily restore backed up files to your PC, or laptop in case of a sudden emergency, so you’ll be back to work quickly.

Save money by restoring with Nero BackItUp & Burn:
· Are you considering expensive, time consuming data recovery for files you’ve lost? Save time and money with Nero BackItUp & Burn -- the simple, cost effective way to get your files, folders, and drives up and running again.

Sync files and always have the latest version on hand:
· Need to do some work at home tonight or over the weekend? Now you can work on the same files at home and at work, and always have the latest version easily available. Simply sync your files and even entire folders between your PC and laptop, to a USB flash drive, and to all types of popular storage media. With Nero BackItUp & Burn your content is always at hand without the hassle of e-mailing files.


· Windows Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
· 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent AMD/Intel processor (2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD/Intel processor for Windows Vista), 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM for Windows Vista)
· Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
· Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5
· Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package SP1
· 300 MB free hard drive space for a typical installation of all components
· 400 MB temporary hard drive space during installation
· CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc drive (with burning capability for burning functions)
· Graphics card with minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels – installation of latest WHQL certified device drivers is recommended

Size : 102 MB

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DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced 4.35.0308 Multilingual

Best product for optical media emulation.All DAEMON Tools features are now available in one solution — DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced.Use full DAEMON Tools Pro functionality: create images using preset profiles, compress data, split image files, protect your image information, burn to CD/DVD, emulate not only CD/DVD but also HD DVD and Blu-ray drives.Plus get even more virtual CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives. With DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced you have ability to create 32 virtual devices.Only DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced has a special feature for advanced users — possibility to emulate not only SCSI but also IDE virtual devices.If all English letters are already assigned to devices and there is no free one left then you can still create virtual devices but without letters. With DAEMON Tools Pro it is possible!But if your drive doesn’t have a letter you won’t see it in My Computer. How to get mounted image data on such drive then? DAEMON Tools Pro lets you assign folder to virtual drive and then access your virtual disc data opening this assigned folder in My Computer.Do you have collection of different disc images types where each has some specificity? Can’t you protect some images due to their format restrictions? Do you want all images in catalog to have a single format? — Convert your image files to Media Descriptor format (*.mds/*.mdf files). It is DAEMON Tools native format and supports all DT Pro functionality. Feel free to use variety of tool

Key features:

- auto update;
- creates *.iso and *.mds images using preset profiles;
- emulates up to 32 CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray drives;
- supports up to 2 virtual IDE devices;
- burning verify functionality;
- compresses images;
- performs image mounting to physical folders;
- protects image with password;
- manages image collection’s;
- includes image converter;
- monitors virtual devices’ properties;
- offers friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI).

What's new:
- SPTD 1.62;
- New MDX (Media Data eXtended) format supporting;
- New powerful burning engine;
- GUI redesign and improvement;
- Use Windows 7 taskbar features for burning progress;
- Hotkeys in Image Editor;
- Activation process improvement: activation wizard, serial numbers;
- Setup Wizard improvements;
- Languages updates.

Bugs fixed:
- Mounting of images from large RAID volumes;
- Some performance and stability fixes;
- Some GUI bugs.

Recent changes:
- Rebuilt to avoid false antivirus detection;
- Possible installation hang when activation error message occurs.

Size : 8.7 MB

Download :




Expert PDF Pro 6.0

eXPert PDF Professional Edition is a software that allows you to create and edit PDF documents. With PDF Printer Driver anyone can create PDF documents that can be published on web sites, emailed or archived. eXPert PDF makes it really easy to convert any document into high quality PDF files. One click and you are done! Converting an Excel sheet or a Word document into a secured PDF file has never been so quick. Enhanced features enables you to send your generated files by e-mail, and reinforce your documents' security and authenticity.

Here are some key features of "eXPert PDF Professional Edition":

· Create PDF documents from any application, document preview and new user-friendly interface
· Preview your PDF document
· Combines multiple documents/printer jobs
· PDF V1.2,1.3,1.4,1.5,v.16 support
· Document security (DES 48-128 bits, AES encryption)
· Document Outlines
· Stationery support
· Fonts embedding/subsetting
· Generate and E-Mail your pdf documents
· Hypertext support
· Live Urls
· PDF Indexing services
· Advanced stationery/Watermarks support
· Watermarks editor
· Document annotations
· MS Word Integration
· PDF editing (see editing features bellow)
· PDF Editing features
· Modify document outlines
· Add/modify/delete rubber stamps
· Modify annotation comments
· Add text annotations
· Highlight tool
· Modify document security
· Save optimized documents
· Insert images
· Modify document pages
· Extract document pages
· Merge pdf documents
· Insert text
· Insert/modify link annotations
· Insert/modify attachment annotations
· Insert/modify/Delete text
· Insert/modify/Delete document images
· Insert/modify/Delete vector drawing (curves, lines, paths)
· Apply transformations such as scale, rotate to any object
· PDF Forms

Size : 23 MB

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Easypano Studio Professional Edition 2010

Studio 2010 includes the latest virtual tour creating software Tourweaver 5.00 and panorama stitching software Panoweaver 6.00. It is the most complete virtual tour solution in the market for building astonishing virtual tours with rich Flash features.

There are two editions for Studio 2010, one is Professional Edition, which contains:
* Panoweaver 6.00 Professional Edition for Windows
* Tourweaver 5.00 Professional Edition for Windows

Panorama Software - Panoweaver 6.00 Introduction:
Panoweaver is professional Panorama Software for stitching photos into high quality 360 degree panorama pictures. The latest version 6.00 can stitch any type of photos to wide-angle photos and 360 degree panoramic photos, and publish panoramas to full screen Flash VR, QTVR and Java tours. Panorama Software Panoweaver is widely used for stitching panoramas by real estate agents, virtual tour companies, web designers, government and panorama photo stitching amateurs.

Flash Panorama Software - Panoweaver 6.00 Features

* Stitch any photos, including fisheye photos, normal photos and wide-angle photos, to panoramas
* Support single row and multiple rows of photos
* Create cylindrical and spherical panorama.
* Stitch HDR panoramic images
* Batch stitch 100 groups of photos to panoramas (available in Batch edition)
* Export panoramic images to full screen Flash, QuickTime and Java players for immersive view.
irtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 5.00 Introduction

Tourweaver 5.00 - The latest cutting edge Virtual Tour Software from Easypano, enabling creation of professional virtual tours with rich Flash features!

Main features of Virtual Tour Software Tourweaver 5.00

Tourweaver is professional and powerful software that can create virtual tours with the following components:

* Panoramas, still photos
* Multiple Maps/floorplans
* Hotspots in scenes to trigger various actions like linking to other scenes, and opening popup windows
* More interactive hotspot hints: can be flash, image etc.
* Radars in maps to indicate the location of the scene in the map/floorplan
* Popup windows to show detailed images and information
* Customized virtual tour template with buttons (various actions can be added), text area, thumbnail, movie controller and more...
* Branded virtual tour loading window and Flash progress bar (Professional edition only)
* Full screen display of SceneViewer and MapViewer and all other added components (Pro only)
* Video can be added to main window, popup window, used to play video (Pro only)
* Flash can be added to main window, popup window, scene and map, used to play SWF file.
* Multiple publish formats such as .exe

Virtual tours created with Tourweaver 5.0 can be:

* In either Html format which is based on Flash player or video format (video output is supported by Professional only) or .EXE format (Pro only).
* Easily uploaded and embeded in your webpages.
* Easily burned to CDs and sent to your clients
* Easily applied in your presentation like PPT.
What kind of scenes does virtual tour software Tourweaver 5.00 accept?

* Spherical panoramas
* Cylindrical panoramas
* One single fisheye image
* Kaidan one shot
* 0-360 one shot
* Remote reality one shot
* Still images
* Cubic panorama

Size : 92 MB

Download :




Aurora Media Workshop 3.4.38

Aurora Media Workshop is a program that includes all the media tools, all in one. Aurora Media Workshop is such a kind of program that includes prefessional features in Video, Audio, and Compact Disc media. With Aurora Media Workshop you can convert, edit, join, split, between nearly all types of video files, you can extract audio tracks, pictures from video files, can make any favorate pictures and photos to video films with fascinating transition effects and graceful background music. You can record audio from any audio source, and convert audio files between mp3, wav, wma, ogg and you can also ripper and save your favorate music CD albums to disk audio files; you will find it is a very easy thing to store all kinds of audio, data, video files to CDs.


*** Video Capabilities :
- Extreme fast Conversion speed
- Convert, join, split all supported formats to MPEG1
- All supported formats to MPEG2
- All supported formats to VCD,SVCD,DVD(PAL,NTSC)
- All supported formats to AVI(DivX,XviD, MPEG-4)
- All supported formats to Windows Media Format (WMV/ASF)
- Join video files to a large one
- Split large video file to smaller clips
- Extracts audio tracks from all supported video formats to mp3, wma, wav
- Extracts images from all supported video formats
- Batch file execution
- Make any favorate pictures and photos to video films with fascinating transition effects and graceful background music
- Specifies start and end position while convert and joint

*** CD Capabilities :
- Burn MP3, WAV to music CDs
- Backup files and directories to CDs
- Burn MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD to CDs that can be played in VCD, DVD player

*** Audio Capatiblities :
- Burn MP3, WAV to music CDs Audio conversion between WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG
- Audio Record from all source
- Advanced audio CD Ripper to WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG
- Advanced audio CD burning from WAV, MP3, formats
- Batch audio files conversion
- Advanced MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG format setting

Size : 11.6 MB

Download :




WinASO Registry Optimizer 4.5.3

WinASO Registry Optimizer is an advanced registry cleaner and optimizer for Windows that allows you to safely clean and repair registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks.

It scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free.

With a few easy steps, WinASO Registry Optimizer will scan your entire registry for any invalid entries and provide a list of the errors found. You can then choose to clean each item or automatically repair them all after making a backup. WinASO Registry Optimizer can restoring Internet Explorer setting, including IE Home Page, IE Window Title, etc.

WinASO Registry Optimizer is well designed to fix common problems such as denied access to missing drives and disks and illegally modified Internet Explorer pages. Substantial testing has been done on this software to ensure the safety of your system. We have not received any complaints about the system stability.

WinASO Registry Optimizer will fix all the registry errors that cause system instability, PC errors, crashes, system slowdown, including but not limited to:

• Invalid User software settings
• Invalid system software settings
• Invalid browser helper objects
• Invalid custom control settings
• Errors in uninstall sections
• Shared DLL errors
• Sound and AppEvents errors
• Startup popup window
• Invalid System settings
• Invalid help and resources
• Empty registry keys
• Invalid class keys
• Invalid fonts
• Invalid start-up programs
• ActiveX errors
• Obsolete history lists
• Invalid file paths
• Invalid file extensions
• Invalid software locations
• Windows services error
• Invalid virtual devices
• Invalid device drivers

Size : 5.7 MB

Download :




The Sims Life Stories

The Sims Life Stories
PC | English | EA Games | 2007 | 2.17 Gb
Genre: Simulation

What is The Sims Life Stories?
The Sims Life Stories is the first release in an all-new PC product line called The Sims Stories. All releases in The Sims Stories line offer two fun ways to play, directed Story mode and open-ended Classic mode, and are designed with laptop-friendly controls that let you play even when you're on the go!
In The Sims Life Stories, play through Riley's life story as she returns home to start a new life with new friends, new experiences, and unexpected surprises. A second story lets you sort out the love life of Vince, a love-struck high-tech whiz who's been unlucky in love so far.
Also available in The Sims Stories Line: The Sims Pet Stories challenges your Sims to care for and train loveable but unpredictable pets, while The Sims Castaway Stories helps your Sims make a new life in an unexplored island paradise.

How is this game different from The Sims or The Sims 2?
The big difference is the addition of the new directed Story mode, laptop friendly system specs, and the ability to play the game in a separate window while using your own IM and email to stay connected with friends.

The Sims Stories games are standalone games and do not support expansion packs or stuff packs from The Sims or The Sims 2 collections.
What is directed Story mode?
The new directed Story mode allows you to easily take your Sims through a unique and entertaining storyline full of romance and dramatic twists. You even unlock cool rewards along the way as you achieve set goals.
In The Sims Life Stories, you can choose to play through two different stories. Start off by playing through Riley's life story as she returns home to start a new life with new friends, new experiences, and unexpected surprises. A second story lets you sort out the love life of Vince, a love-struck high-tech whiz who's been unlucky in love so far. After you've completed all the story goals you can continue the drama in open-ended Classic mode.

Download :

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Fate of Hellas-RELOADED

Fate of Hellas-RELOADED
PC Game | Window | English | 1.49 Gb

Thrilling realtime battles in ancient Greece Fate of Hellas is an RTS game, which takes the player to ancient Greece: 2500 Years ago, before the rise of Rome, fierce battles between the Greeks and their enemies took place. Build formations with your troops 3 different formations for strategic fights! Equip your troops with weapons from your defeated enemies Pick up the weapons left behind by your enemies after you have killed them in combat Besiege the citys of historic Greece! The more cities you conquer, the greater your power on the battlefield More than 60 different characters! Different fighters, buildings, vehicles and many more.
Be part of great battles, fought with honor!

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP or Vista
CPU Type: 2.4 GHz CPU
Memory: 1024 MB RAM
Diskspace: 4 GB
Graphic-Cards: NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series, ATI Radeon 8500, or similar 3D Cards

Recommended System Requirements
CPU Type: 3 GHz CPU
Memory: 2048 GB RAM
Graphic-Cards: NVIDIA GeForce FX 7 Series, ATI Radeon 9 Serie, or similar 3D Cards

Download :

Sharingmatrix part 1 | Sharingmatrix part 2 | Sharingmatrix part 3 | Sharingmatrix part 4 | Sharingmatrix part 5 | Sharingmatrix part 6 | Sharingmatrix part 7 | Sharingmatrix part 8

Armies Of Exigo

Armies Of Exigo (PC)
English | PC | Developer: Black Hole Entertainment | 1.2Gb
Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Worlds collide in Armies of Exigo, where boundaries are broken and war is waged both above and below the ground. This game takes strategy to new depths as elves, beasts, knights, and creatures of the darkness clash in an epic battle for survival.

In the world of Exigo, where peace and prosperity have reigned for years, the empires of man and beast face their greatest threat yet. A sinister force known as The Fallen has awaken to strike from the underground, where the beasts and humans would least expect.

Players control of massive armies, wage wars in forests and river valleys of the surface, and descend into the caverns and catacombs of the underworld to face the dark evil.

Armies on all sides have the ability to delve deep underground traveling unseen or to burrow up to the surface to unleash powerful attacks. Players must devise new strategies for combat and defense as attacks can come from any directions.

Command the heavily fortified Empire race, and control an army of knights, dwarves, elves and gnomes. Ravage the plains with the nomadic Beast race, leading tribes of ogres, trolls and other fantastic creatures. Emerge from deep to consume the world of light with The Fallen race - a powerful force of darkelves, fallen warriors, swarming insects and other horrific creatures of the dark.

Engage in an epic three-part single player campaign and save the world of Exigo from the evil that threatens to plunge the world into darkness.

Go online for massive multiplayer skirmishes with up to 12 players striving to conquer the surface and underworld. Success can only be achieved through a balance of military might and strategic alliances.

Download :

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Dark Fall: Light's Out Director's Cut Edition 2009

Dark Fall: Light's Out Director's Cut Edition (2009/ENG)
PC | English | Iceberg Interactive | 2009 | 736 MB
Genre: Adventure | Horror

Three men once manned the lighthouse on Fetch Rock, but they Vanished without trace on New Year, 1900. No-one knows what really happened to those three poor souls, and no-one is brave enough to stay in the lighthouse, alone, after dark. Except to Fetch Rock Island, and discover what really happened...
‘Fetch’ is the old English word for ‘ghost’; The old lighthouse is built upon something ancient and terrible, causing manifestations, time distortions and unexplainable paranormal events. Only by jumping through time, from the ancient Bronze Age to a futuristic research base, will you be able to uncover what is really happening on fetch Rock. Was your arrival upon the Island, that foggy night, really coincidence, or is someone, or something calling to you, across time.


* A brand new ‘Directors Cut’ with new scenes, ghosts & puzzles.
* Re-mastered for Windows XP and Vista.
* Explore the historic Lighthouse in four different eras.
* Discover what happened to the Lighthouse Keepers, that foggy night.
* Communicate with the dead to solve puzzles and mysteries.
* A spooky tale by Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown.
* Delve into a non-linear story, based upon a real event.
* Use Time Portals to jump through time, exploring the past and future.
* Experience the life and times of a Victorian Lighthouse.
* Realistic world to explore, based on a real location.
* Full audio experience and spooky soundtrack.

Download :

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A.I.M. Racing 2009

A.I.M. Racing (2009)-SKIDROW
PC Game | Window | English | 820 Mb

A.I.M. Racing welcomes you to the planet Polygon-4, where deadly vehicles of the distant future compete, swishing planet's dusty atmosphere at a tremendous pace. Years ago humans along with the Arlings used Polygon-4 for a number of military experiments, but later left the test complex. However, the intelligent machines, AIMs, continue to fulfill objectives they are programmed for: further evolution and self-perfection. AIMs of the Reckoners clan built a network of tracks to test multi-purpose combat machines in action. If you are not afraid of awesome speed, fatal traps and plasma charges, tearing apart yourracing glider's sheeting, A.I.M. Racing is a game of your choice. There is no need to save money to buy a new glider, no need to think, where you can acquire energy supply for a more powerful canon. The clan will give you everything -- but you must win!

Install Instructions:
1) Mount/Burn ISO
2) Install
3) Play
Game is pre-cracked, no need to patch

Download :

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Eragon Full Rip

Eragon [PC] [Full Rip]
English | PC | Developer: Vivendi Games, Stormfront Studios | 510 MB
Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Eragon is based on the Twentieth Century Fox feature film inspired by Christopher Paolini's best-selling fantasy novel

Download :

Sharingmatrix part 1 | Sharingmatrix part 2 | Sharingmatrix part 3

Sniper Art Of Victory

Sniper Art Of Victory
MP3 | Developer : City Interactive | Developer : City Interactive | 650 MB
Genre: Action (Historic Tactical Shooter)

World War II Sniper: Call to Victory re-creates WWII battles with authentic weaponry,
weather effects, and famous locations. As a US Airborne sniper, you must...

Download :

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Conflict Global Terror

Conflict Global Terror (Rip/PC)
English | PC | Publisher: 2K Games | Developer: Pivotal Games | 470Mb
Genre: Modern Tactical Shooter

In Conflict: Global Terror, you can try to recover a team member who has gone MIA at the hands of the terrorist organization March 33. You join a five man counter-terrorism team dispatched to stop the terrorists from creating a new world order.

Minimum System Requirements
System: 1.5 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2500 MB
Other: Dx8 soundcard
Dx8 video card with 64MB and Hardware T&L

Download :

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Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of to the Midnight Heart 1.00F

Jewel Quest Mysteries 2: Trail of to the Midnight Heart 1.00F
2009 | SpinTop Games | Hidden object | English | 285 Mb

* Uncover Veiled Secrets!
* Travel Southeast Asia!
* Collect Gems, Coins and Shards!
* A True Whirlwind Adventure!
System Requirements:
PII-600 / 64M RAM / 16M Video 3D, Windows XP/Vista, DirectX 9.0

Download :

Sharingmatrix part 1 | Sharingmatrix part 2


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