Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NTI CD&DVD Maker 7 Titanium Suite Multilanguage

Another machine for preparing and slicing discs. There is something special, pluses and minuses. Why is this and not Nero? IMHO Intuitively, faster and more understandable. Works with ISO-images, not with obscure NRG.

Solid software system-level Nero and Easy Media Creator for CD / DVD writing and working with multimedia files
NTI CD / DVD Maker Platinum - is not just "pisalka" and well-rounded package for use with laser discs. In addition to programs for recording, its members include utilities for backup, to create the covers and some others. In this case, the size distribution package is approximately two times smaller than Nero.
Like Nero, in NTI CD / DVD Maker Platinum provides a convenient wrapper for application management. With it you can select the desired task - to record video or audio disc, a CD with photos or data, copy the CD or make a backup copy.

Whatever the job was not chosen, NTI CD / DVD Maker will offer to implement it user-friendly interface with step by step instructions. For example, in the main application, which bears the same name as the whole package, there is a panel with buttons Easy Steps 1, 2 and 3. When closing the cursor to each of them can get a hint of what to do at each stage of preparing the disc for recording. With this we can confidently say that burn a disc using NTI CD / DVD Maker will be able to even those who do never done before. The developers have made sure that users are accessing the advanced settings record only in very exceptional cases, and all options, the default is usually appropriate.

As part of NTI CD / DVD Maker is an interesting utility DVD Fit, designed to compress data on dual-layer DVD to the size of a standard DVD-ROM. Using it, you can see the structure of the disk and remove those materials that do not represent the values, for example, advertisements, short videos, filmography actors, etc. If even then the size of the disk will be more 4.7 gigabytes, the program can perform re-compression of the contents of DVD-ROM, saving the data in the same MPEG-2 format, but with slightly poorer quality. However, DVD Fit has the ability to choose the best compression settings for video fits on a standard drive.
9 in 1: NTI CD & DVD-Maker Platinum ™, NTI Home Video Maker ™, NTI Music Cafe ™, NTI Wave Editor ™, NTI JawelCase Maker ™, NTI FileCD ™, NTI DVD Fit ™, DVD PlaybackSoftware ™, NTI Backup NOW ! ™

Language: Eng + Multi (additional language packs are present)
Version in the distribution:
Latest version:
Operating system: 2000/XP/VISTA
System requirements: Pentium III-900, 256Mb RAM, 500Mb HDD Space, graphics card: capable of 1024x768 and 16-bit color

Genre: CD & DVD Burning & Backup software
developer: NewTech Infosystems (NTI) Software
Publisher: NTI
Publication Type: license
Medicine: Present, but not always required
Platform: PC
Size : 667 MB

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