Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pinnacle TitleDeko Pro 2.0.1634.1

TitleDeko Pro is a software-based character generator for both Avid and Adobe editing systems. TitleDeko Pro provides features designed to enhance non-linear video productions.

TitleDeko Pro is based on Pinnacle Systems' award-winning range of broadcast character generators that have a long history of on-air use. Controls exist to adjust color, texture, gradient, scaling, skewing, kerning, leading, justifying and rotation. TitleDeko Pro will create rolls, crawls and reveals. Additional features include type on a curve, spell checker, unlimited layering and unlimited undo.

Key Features:

- Type on a curve
- Unlimited layering
- Add textures, edges and shadows to any font
- Controls for kerning, leading, scaling, skewing and rotation
- Create stills, rolls, crawls or reveals


- Broadcast quality:
TitleDeko is based on a range of award-winning broadcast character generators that have a long history of on-air use. High quality processing gives supurb, fully anti-aliased character resolution for any TrueType or Unicode font
- Logo import:
The custom typeface function makes it possible to import company logos or any other graphic file and treat it like normal text, applying shadows, glows and edges, dynamically change scale, angle or skew
- Dynamic titling:
Titledeko allows the user to create rolls and crawls of unlimited length and user-definable speed. TitleDeko Pro also has a 'reveal' function to introduce titles character by characte

PC running Windows XP, 95, 98, 2000, or NT 4.0
1MB SVGA with 8bit color
1024 x 768 resolution
10 MB free disk space

Size : 13 MB




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