Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Windows Storage Server 2008 Embedded Basic x86

Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 - specialized operating system to create storage systems. Fully based on Windows Server 2008, the new operating system offers support for a wide range of modern equipment, contains all the latest server technology.

File Name: en_windows_storage_server_2008_embedded_basic_dvd_x86_x15-28320.iso
SHA1: D49F72787B4C0ABCFA2A9DA89320DB9F271ED5F6
Available to Levels: TechNet Plus SA Media; TechNet Plus (Retail); TechNet Direct (Retail); TechNet Plus (VL); TechNet Plus Direct (VL); TechNet Cert Partner; TechNet Gold Cert Partner; TechNet Plus Consumer Service Professional Pilot;

Include key from technet.

Size : 1988 MB

Download :

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