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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid (ENG)
PC Game | Action / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth | ENG | 683 Mb

About the Game: In late February 2005, a group of American spetsvoysk of the FOXHOUND unit, supported by special, genetically enhanced soldiers of Detachment Special Forces Next Generation "(born Next-Generation Special Forces) conducting an armed uprising during a military demonstration on the island of Shadow Moses, site utilization of atomic weapons. As a result, they gain control of nuclear arsenal, as well as on the Metal Gear REX), a special giant robot capable of launching nuclear missiles. Terrorists’ demands are absurd – they want to receive from the U.S. government remains "the greatest soldier in history, known as Big Boss (born Big Boss), the White House threatening a nuclear strike.

The legendary mercenary Solid Snake after the events in Outer Heaven (born Outer Heaven) became a hermit and live in Alaska. However, at the request of his former commander and an old friend, Colonel Roy Campbell (born Roy Campbell) agreed to participate in the operation to rescue hostages and neutralize the terrorists.

Game features:
– Famous megahit Hideo Kojima, ported to the Sony Playstation in 2000 Melkosoft.
– Like other game Kojima, released after 91 years, sets himself the most important task of disclosure essence of human nature, depending on … For this game theme – "Genetics” and, accordingly, does the fact of who a person is, then, whose descendant (or clone), it is …
– The once famous, now fallen into disfavour special squad FOXHOUND captures the U.S. Armed Forces military base in Alaska – and with it and stay there in the drafting of Metal Gear REX, the combat robot with an electromagnetic gun capable of launching nuclear warheads, invisible to radar (as them do not need missiles – and hence the acceleration stage, which intersect and run a fact). Government, through Colonel Roy Campbell goes to a former member of FOXHOUND (call sign – Solid Snake (Solid Snake)) – living just nearby. So exactly how he is (partly) the cause of Opals squad (he was in the last series of games – when it is simply called Metal Gear – revealed the fact that their commander (the name Jack, last name unknown, call Big Boss (Big Boss)) – double agent – and then what BB – his father, so he had no motive to help the rebels).
– Snake supply diving, a set of sophisticated mikroshemkov (transmitter implanted in the ear, for example) and injections of the virus, which would end up killing him two minutes after the deadline put forward by terrorists – unless, of course, he does not neutralize them before …
– The game turned at the time of the value skriptovannyh splash in the story, as revealed through them, the main piece of the story (which you have to download separately), as well – has introduced the idea that a good shooter could be passed without a single killed by the enemy .. .
– Snakes can steal, get into the ventilation shaft (in this case, the camera switches to the first-person), cling to walls, good fight (but the neck folds it better), good enough to shoot and helluva lot of swimming. The variety of approaches to address those or other problems – the main hobby games. You can sneak out of sight of the camera, you can neutralize its electromagnetic grenade, but it may seem banal on the eye and shoot all those who will come running to the alarm. You can blind guardian light grenade, you can stun punch to the head, can turn his neck, can shoot, can get around, but can just score in the melee …
– The main advantage of scenario – detailed elaboration of the characters. Each episode adds a little detail to the portraits of all actors – in this series Snakes unsuccessfully trying to quit smoking (as well cut out blatant advertising – in all the old series, he only smoked a Lucky Strike, here smokes his unmarked), Campbell presents a more humane, because among the hostages – his niece, Meryl (Incidentally, it tied up one of the three love triangles games), which Snake will have to save … And then – to tolerate.

System requirements:
– Operating system: Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista
– Processor: Pentium II 500 MHz
– Memory: 128 MB RAM
– Video Card: DirectX – compatible 3D video card c 16 MB of memory
– Sound Card: DirectX – compatible sound card
– Free space on your hard disk: 1.1 GB

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