Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MAGiX Music Maker Premium with Full Content Pack

MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium is the easy-to-use music production software solution: If you've never made music, you can still get started right away and make your own songs. If you are are a musician, you will love all the software tools available to polish your masterpiece.

Music Maker Premium offers everything you need to make your own music:

* A massive sound archive featuring over 3,500 sounds and loops
* Ability to record on 96 audio and MIDI tracks
* Mixing console including 5.1 Surround mixing, effects and remix tools, analog synthesizers
* Burn CDs in the official standard of music labels and the record industry

Music Maker 15 Premium allows you to arrange your work quickly and easily. Thousands of current audio building blocks and effects from the studios of world renowned producers are waiting to be combined and transformed however you want. Integrate your own recordings or parts of your favorite music on up to 96 tracks. In a short time, your own musical creation will be ready – in CD quality.

# Cut and paste any sample or sound with just a mouse click
# Drag and drop any part of your composition to get the right sound
# Listen to individual tracks independently
# Design your mix with more space by distributing instruments in the stereo field via the panorama controls, and switch on effects with a click to make your mix even more interesting

You can use these instruments and many more including breathtaking horns, unbelievable strings, diverse guitars, flutes, and pianos. The instrument package comes complete with percussion instruments, different basses, and grinding power chords. You can also use exciting synthesizers like LiViD, your own personal virtual drummer.

Content Pack:

Content Pack 01 (322MB)

- Atmos (synthesizer)
- BeatBox 2 (synthesizer)
- Drum n Bass (synthesizer)
- LiViD (synthesizer)
- Live Pads
- Video tutorial
- Video content

Content Pack 02 (891MB)

- Vita (synthesizer)
- Acoustic Drum Kits
- Acoustic Guitars
- Acoustic Percussion
- Acoustic Pianos
- Orchestral Brass
- Orchestral Strings
- Orchestral Woodwinds
- Special
- vinyl noise

Content Pack 03 (737MB)

Warning! Content Pack 3 works only if Content Pack 2 is already downloaded and installed.

Content Pack 3 contains:
- Demos
- Electric Basses
- Electric Guitar
- Electric Pianos
- Power Chords
- Soundtrack Percussion

Content Pack 04 (501MB)

- Demos
- Ambient Vol. 7
- Chillout Vol. 3
- Disco House Vol. 9
- Flamenco Rumba Vol. 1
- HipHop Vol. 10
- Latin Vol. 3 100 BPM
- Minimal Electro Vol. 7
- Movie Score Vol. 6
- RnB Soul Vol. 2
- Rock Alternative Vol. 1
- Techno Trance Vol. 11

unrar run setup exe (Use serial include in pack) or
close Music Maker 15
copy crack to C/prog../Magix...
make sure you overwrite the original
now launch Music Maker 15
click on Enter activation code.
new window will popup, now use ANY activation code or simply...
click on
Music Maker 15 Producer Edition will accept
activation and start to update to the FULL version!!!
now go to help menu
in upgrade program/fuctions
click on activate mp3 and do the same above any activation or simply clic on activate
for content pack's just unrar and double-click

Size : 2573 MB

Download :

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