Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lost Empire Immortals

Lost Empire Immortals
PC Game | Windows | English | Strategy | 600MB

With all the 4, 5, 6 and 7 GB games out there its nice to see a game released by a major group which comes in a smaller package every once in a while. Lost Empire which was released a few minutes ago is only 595 MB, so lets hope the gameplay is good. The installation process looks to be as simple as it gets with a cracked release. Lets just hope it actually works and ViTALiTY don’t have to come up with a crackfix. In any case this turn based strategy game looks like it might be popular at least with hardcore Strategy fans.

Set in space, Lost Empire: Immortals features 6 playable races, each with their own storyline who battle for domination of a vast empire. Players are able to research technologies from a multilevel science tree as well as use the leaders of their empire as diplomats, space engineers, archeologist and more.

Colossal Galactic Map – Explore the vastness of a fully populated macrocosm, teeming with up to 5,000 stars of varying configurations. Encounter the interstellar communities of six playable empires and twenty-eight uniquely evolved minor civilizations.
Vast Scientific Multi-nodal Research Tree – Conduct research across eleven scientific categories, branching out into 150 individual advances.
Customize Ship Construction – Spaceship models consist of eight classes that conform to a mission type: exploration, reconnaissance, defensive patrolling, fleet interdiction and planetary invasion.
3D Rendered Dual Warfare System – View massive 3D rendered space battles between turns, through an action camera and adjust your strategy based on the outcomes of the space battles.
Multiplayer Action – Invite up to ten players to play in any one game. Create attributes to ensure that no two sides play with identical races.

System Requirements:
Windows XP or Vista
1200MHz CPU
512 MbRAM
GeForce 4 or similar (SM 1.1)
1GB hard disk space
DirectX 9.0c
Sound card

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