Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anfibia Deskman 9.2.2 Professional

Deskman allows you to tightly secure desktops and lock computers, and it's suited for both home users and administrators. Combining different options, you can achieve the desired level of security. Deskman is advanced, yet accessible, desktop security manager for Windows. Features Spanish and Japanese language support. User groups and/or individual users can be included in the exception list, new restriction to disable USB drives, reboot adviser icon in the status bar

Computer Usage Restrictions

• Desktop restrictions
• Start Menu restrictions, configuration
• Internet Explorer restrictions
• Control Panel restriction
• Taskbar restrictions
• Windows Explorer restrictions
Advanced Desktop Security
• Drive access protection
• Disable USB drives
• Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
• Disable Alt-F4
• Disable all Winkeys
• Disable Task Manager hotkey
• Disable any key combination
• Disable any mouse button
• Disable cut, copy, paste
• Kiosk Mode
Freeze! Running Applications
• Capture running programs and make sure no other applications are used
• Notification of restricted programs.
Safe Start Menu
• Build a safe Start Menu
• Hide the original Start Menu
Autorun Options
• Add new entries
• Block new entries
• Enforce programs: make sure a critical program will be always running.
Desktop Lockdown
• One-button desktop protection
• Lock automatically when user is idle
Security Profiles
• Defaulft profile: No Restrictions
• Defaulft profile: Basic Protection
• Defaulft profile: Limited Access
• Defaulft profile: Advanced Protection
• Defaulft profile: Internet Explorer Protection
• Defaulft profile: Kiosk Mode
• Add your own profiles
Advanced Setup
• Web interface
• User exceptions
• Autologon
• Silent installation available
• User profiles for fast deployment
• Import, export data file for fast deployment, backup
• Tight hotkey and password security system

Size : 5.1 MB




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