Sunday, January 17, 2010

Line of Sight: Vietnam

Line of Sight: Vietnam
PC Game | Windows | Strategy | Nfusion | English | 662 MB

Intense. Not knowing where the enemy is hiding, watching out for tripwire sprung explosives, and every sound possibly giving your position away.

Step into the realistic battle action world of Line of Sight Vietnam.
This is no ordinary run and gun shooter. Line of Sight Vietnam takes smarts and full use
of every weapon and tool available to beat the missions and make it out alive. Use the tall
grass and trees to hide but watch your step. The enemy has rigged parts of the path with claymore mines or tripwires that kill when triggered.

Want realistic weapons? Line of Sight lets you use any of 12 different Vietnam-era weapons including the M16 carbine, AK-47, M12, Takerov pistol, LAW rocket, Soviet RPGs, claymore mines, smoke grenades and more goodies just waiting for you to use.

12 intense single player missions await you with assignments ranging from rescuing soldiers to raiding enemy positions. Use stealth, cunning, and maximum firepower to achieve your objectives. Nobody said it would be easy, but we know you are up for the challenge.

Important suggestions:
Play the tutorial! Not only will you learn the game quickly, you can experience all the great weapons and explosives LOS Vietnam has to offer.
Customize the controls in the option menu. You can assign whatever keys you like to perform all the in-game actions for the most comfortable game play.

Minimum System Requirements
System:550MHz or equivalent
RAM:128 MB
Video Memory:16 MB
Hard Drive Space:650 MB

Install instructions:
1) unpack RAR files
2) mount with Daemon Tools or burn to CD
3) install the game
4) enjoy

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