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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - Razor1911 & Escalation Expansion - Elegance

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - Razor1911 & Escalation Expansion - Elegance (Full ISO/ENG)

PC Game | Windows | FPS | NovaLogic | 1.4 GB

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising is a 2004 first-person shooter computer game from Novalogic that focuses almost entirely on its expansive online multiplayer mode. Set in the near future in Indonesia, the game centers on a war between the "Joint Operations" forces, consisting of elite special operations personnel from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Australia and Indonesia, who fight against Free Aceh Movement-like separatist "Rebels" on the Indonesian islands.

Although the game contains a series of single player training missions accessible under the main page option "Training", most players utilize the game's multiplayer option to compete online under the main page option "Novaworld" which connects the player to Novalogic's online gaming environment, Novaworld. Each Joint Operations server at Novaworld has the potential to hold up to 150 players, based on server bandwidth capacity, making the game a Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. Although a number of these servers are run by Novalogic, anyone with a PC and sufficient internet bandwidth can host a server, with a player limit of up to 64 people. Many independent servers exist, hosted by individuals or groups of players who form clans.

* Coop: All players are on the Joint Operations side and fight against a rebel artificial intelligence team.
* Advance and Secure: Both teams try to capture and hold all the bases on the maps before time runs out.
* Team King of the Hill: The teams try to occupy a small zone on the map for ten minutes to win.
* Deathmatch: A kill limit is imposed, and all players operate independently seeking to kill other players to reach that goal before the clock runs out.
* Team Deathmatch: A kill limit is imposed, and both teams try to kill players on the opposing team to reach that goal before the clock runs out.

Minimum Requirements
* 1.2GHz P4 or Athlon
32MB 3D card
1.5GB hard drive space

Recommended Requirements
* 2.0GHz P4 or 2000+ Athlon XP
GeForce FX 5600 or Radeon 9500 Pro

Multiplayer Functions
* 1 Minimum Players
* 150 Maximum Players
Online Play: 150 Versus

I've included the key generators for both games by RELOADED.
The NFOs do include a single serial for each game.
I've also included the latest patch for both games.
The game is playable over LAN and Hamachi/Tunngle VPN.

Installation Instructions
1. Burn/mount the Typhoon Rising bin-cue (rzr-jtop).
2. Install Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising.
3. Burn/mount the Escalation bin-cue (egc-joe).
4. Install Joint Operations: Escalation. It will patch Typhoon Rising.
5. Install the latest patch for both games (jo_update_082405_xx.exe).
6. Enjoy!

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