Sunday, January 17, 2010

Corner-A ArtStudio 1.3.3

Corner-A ArtStudio is powerful animation software that can bring to life boring static images. ArtStudio has a lot of build-in filters, it has hardware acceleration support, various export possibilites and simple interface – you don’t need to be an artist or designer to use ArtStudio.


* All effect are hardware processed with video accelerator card.
* Light and easy interface: all filters are simply drawn with mouse.
* More than 20 built-in filters will help you to animate water, clouds, smoke and create other natural and abstract effects.
* Result can be saved as screensaver (scr), standalone executable file (exe), flash animation (swf), gif animation (gif) or images sequence (bmp, jpg, or png).
* No professional designer or artists skills required, almost everyone can animate favourite picture with ArtStudio.

Size : 11 MB




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