Sunday, January 17, 2010

Code Of Honor 2: Conspiracy Island

Release: 2008
Genre: FPS
Developer: City Interactive
Language: English
Size: 2.1 GB

Code of Honor is back! In the latest installment, titled Conspiracy Island,
Claude Boulet and his team of elite French Foreign Legion commandoes have to
face their biggest challenge yet! General Mendoza??s mercenaries have invaded
the ?le Royale in the French Guiana, where scientists in a secret atomic
research facility are working on an experimental nuclear reactor. Now an atomic
threat looms over the peaceful atoll and it's up to the French government to
solve the crisis as quickly and quietly as possible...

1) Unrar
2) Burn or Mount
3) Install
4) Enjoy

Sharingmatrix part 1 | Sharingmatrix part 2 | Sharingmatrix part 3 | Sharingmatrix part 4 | Sharingmatrix part 5 | Sharingmatrix part 6 | Sharingmatrix part 7 | Sharingmatrix part 8


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