Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Active@ Boot Disk 5 Plus

Active @ Boot Disk - includes a powerful set of tools that allow you to recover lost data, reset passwords, user accounts Windows, back up your system and securely erase data beyond recovery. Active @ Boot Disk is a bootable CD, and can even be used for computers that do not load the main operating system.
New special edition, compiled based on Windows PE 3 of Windows 7. This is not the official version, and compiled from scratch and it used some of the components and the shell Active @ Boot Disk.

The list of differences and additions:

- Updated all programs.
- Windows PE 3 (6.1.7600)
- Remote Desktop Connection (6.1.7600)
- SpeedCommander 13
- Symantec Ghost 11.5
- Symantec GhostCast Server
- Symantec GhostCast Explorer
- HDDScan 3.2
- ImageX (6.1.7600)
- Windows Deployment Services Image Capture
- Windows System Recovery Options
- Firefox 3.5.7
- PuTTy
And also the drivers for network adapters.
It is also possible to use with Windows Deployment Services.
The disc includes the following utilities Active @:
- Active @ Disk Image
- Active @ Password Changer
- Active @ KillDisk
- Active @ File Recovery
- Active @ Partition Recovery
- Active @ Disk Monitor
- Active @ Partition Manager
- Active @ Hex Editor
- Active @ Data CD / DVD Burner
- Network Utilities
- System Utilities
- Internet Utilities
and utilities for network configuration, Internet browsing, downloading drivers, equipment, etc. ..

Size : 221 MB




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