Monday, January 25, 2010

NewBlue FX Plugins Full Pack 2.3

Plug-ins from NewBlue FX, a new full build plug-ins, version 2.3. Plug-ins for bargain different effect it your video files, plug-ins installed in video editors. In such popular video editors: Premiere, Avid, Edius, Pinnacle, Corel, Vegas, etc.

The latest build plugins for video editor:

- Adobe After Effects 7.0 and higher
- Adobe Premiere 7.0 or higher, Premiere Elements 3.0 or higher, Premiere Pro
- Avid AVX 2 or higher NLEs, including: Media Composer, NewsCutter, Symphony and Xpress
- Avid Liquid version 7.1 or higher
- Corel (formerly Ulead) Video Studio 9 or higher
- Pinnacle Studio versions 10 or higher
- Sony Vegas Pro & Vegas Movie Studio 4 or higher (32-bit versions)
- Sony Vegas Pro 8.1 & 9.0 or higher (64-bit versions)
- Thomson Grass Valley (formerly Canopus) EDIUS version 4.6 or higher

Composition FX
- NewBlue 3D Explosions

Blow Apart - Wind Effects
Write the first stage flew away, breaks through the grid, which vyduetsya part of the second pull-down stage.
Bouncing Cubes - overcast cubes
Converts the first and second stage with the help of 3-D cubes customizable.
Box Explode
Minimizes the first scene in the rotating basket, which is broken, revealing the second scene.
Transforms the first stage in a three-dimensional particles of confetti, which is blown away from the screen, showing the second stage.
Grid Blast
Shortens the first stage, then divides it into a grid, part of which utletayut from the screen, showing the second stage.
Grid Explosion
Cuts the first scene of the particles that explode apart on trajectories that are configured polzovetelem, showing the second stage.
Grid Fall Away
Cancels the first scene into pieces that fly OHI frame, with the darker parts falling faster than lighter.
Intensity Grid
Turn the stage into a rectangular grid, in which the lighter part of the fly to the camera, then fly through and disappear, revealing the second scene.
Breaks scene in groups, forming a spiral inward, then return to expand outward, transforming the second stage.

- NewBlue 3D Transformations
- NewBlue Art Blends
- NewBlue Art Effects
- NewBlue Film Effects
- NewBlue Motion Blends
- NewBlue Motion Effects
- NewBlue Paint Blends
- NewBlue Paint Effects
- NewBlue Sampler Pack
- NewBlue Video Essentials
- NewBlue Video Essentials II
- NewBlue Video Essentials III

Installation instructions:
Triggered by the queue files in the new blue fx 33
all exe files on the queue, then look for the path Start / All Programs / NewBlue /
each plugins open ManageActivation
parallel with this action run from the folder keygen file New blue keygen.exe - generate a serial code and activation code
taking account that the program manageactivation when prompted Please enter your serial number here - enter the serial number from the keygen, and then select
Paragraph 2 - already activated and enter the activation of the keygen.
To Paint effects, VideoEssentials 2, VideoEssentials 3 - run additional keygeny.

Size : 227 MB




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